About Me

I stumbled into horticulture one chilly January, when the roof terrace where I lived in London looked particularly gloomy and barren.

That’s when I remembered the joy of spring that I always felt as a child, looking down at my grandma’s garden. I would spot lovely bright red tulips, standing tall and proud. I would smell the delicious fragrance of hyacinths ā€” their rich pink and purple blooms so delicate, but so potent. That perfumed scent filled the air and, to me, it was the true smell of spring.

Now, looking across the urban skyline of London from the roof terrace, I felt that there was something missing. But what could it be?

One garden centre visit later, I discovered the answer. Iā€™d filled my boots with hyacinths!

Carefully popping them out of their pots and planting them in a rickety old planter, I didn’t know what I had unleashed. But I was well on my way to creating a lush and overflowing roof terrace.

And for the first time ā€” in a really long time ā€” I remembered and connected with the one thing that I truly love. Plants.