Revealing a Promising Garden Through Clear Out

It’s strangely satisfying to clear out gardens that have been overtaken by weeds. You can really see a big transformation in just a few short hours. The progress is so visible and so rewarding.

A full clearance was certainly just what the gardener ordered with this front garden, which adorns an aged terraced house. I couldn’t wait to bring it back into a state of tidiness.

I removed all the weeds and rubbish nestled in the borders and, together with a good sweep, this really transformed the space. The hedging plants also received a heavy prune. Now, they just peek over the fence.

And voilà! Here are the before and after shots:

It’s amazing how quickly nature reclaims man-made structures. It would only take a few years, I imagine, for the whole house and paving to have succumbed to rampant plants. Only continual care and investment in its looks can keep a garden looking orderly. But it’s the owner who must value a beautiful garden first and foremost — value it enough to invest in it.

Quite pleased with the result today, but I’d also love to infuse these narrow borders with life, also known as bright flowers!

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